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Founded by Robert Hargrove, Masterful Coaching is the exclusive provider of First 100 Day Coaching and First 100 Day Transition Programs.

Did you know that:

arrow40% of newly hired executives are out the door in 18 months or less?

arrow25% of all Fortune 500 leaders are in transition into a new role?

arrow70% of all strategic change initiatives fail?

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Masterful Coaching Clients

Executive Onboarding 

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Sign up for Robert Hargrove’s world class executive onboarding process, even if you have to beg, borrow, or steal the resources. -Rene Jaeggi, former CEO of Adidas

You landed a job that could be a quantum leap in your career and could potentially change your life.

As you step up to the job in your first 100 days, others will be watching to see if they made the right decision.

With so much at stake, wouldn’t it make sense for you to have an Executive Onboarding Maestro in your corner dedicated to making your first 100 days a success?

My First 100 Days Executive Onboarding Process will give you greater confidence, certainty, and a customized leadership transition plan.

I will teach you the 10 Success Strategies for delivering on your mandate and surpassing expectations in real time. You will be coached to:

describe the imageHave a story ready from day one...Here's my long-term vision

describe the imageCreate a 100 Day Plan with a focus on 'A' level priorities

describe the imageSecure early wins that build personal credibility and momentum

High stakes leadership transitions are not something you want to learn on the job.

Just pick up the phone and set up a time to talk with me, Robert Hargrove, on a confidential basis at 617-953-5252.

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Coming soon...

Your First 100 Days Notebook provides self guided coaching for the critical path of your first 100 days.

 You Need a 100 Day Plan

arrow  Roadmap of key goals & waypoints

arrow Template for a 100 day plan

arrow Key questions, checklists, notebook


Popular  Articles

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why do executive fail?Why Do Executive Transitions Fail - What Only HR Can Do. The CEO and HR have the most pivotal role to play in executive transtions.

path to greatness

I Can Make Your First 100 Days a Success. Your first 100 days is an opportunity to lay the foundation of your long-term success in your job.

pathway to successFirst 100 Days Critical Path: Ten Success Strategies This is the roadmap we follow in coaching executives in their first 100 days.

describe the image7 Strategies for Elected Officials in Their First 100 Days What do FDR, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and the Tea Party all have in common?

describe the imageFirst 100 Days Readiness Test Are you ready for your first 100 days in a new executive job? Take the readiness test to see how you are doing.

Survive Your First 100 DaysSurviving Your First 100 Days and Beyond This period is like an exciting, but nerve wracking trip through the land of uncertainty. Here are some tips.

A TeamEvaluate Your New Leadership Team: ‘A’s, ‘B’s, or Chronic ‘C’s? A champion sports teams usually has at least 2 or 3 ‘A’s, nothing less. In business or government, every new leader needs to ask, is this team going to make it?

100 DaysWhy Your First 100 Days Is Pivotal Is the first 100 days pivotal to a new leader’s success, or is it just a journalistic convention and foolish to pay it too much heed?

7 Surprises7 Surprises for an Executive in a New Job  Executives in a new role are often surprised by the many demands of their office. Here are seven surprises, as well as some tips about how to deal with them.

ChecklistThe First 100 Days Checklist I am often asked by executives, “What are the ten things that I should do in my first hundred days?” Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

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I would love to hear from you about your first 100 days:

Robert Hargrove +1 617-953-6230

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MyFirst100Days is a Masterful Coaching Company, visit us also at:                


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