Accelerated Leadership Transitions & Strategic Change Programs

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New leaders must often successfully navigate leadership transitions and company transitions at the same time. -Robert Hargrove, author of Your First 100 Days, former Director Harvard Leadership Research Project.

Masterful Coaching offers an Accelerated Leadership Transition Process that helps new leaders take charge, build their teams, and begin to get results before a 100 days is up.

We also offer any leader or cohort group an Accelerated Strategic Change Process that catalyzes strategic alignment and execution of any major change initiative.*


ARROWWe offer a customized leadership transition webinar for any CEO, executive team, or HR group that would like to get to know us better.

ARROWRobert Hargrove coaches C-level executives and Business Unit Leaders entering new roles, those who have been elevated from within and those who have been recruited from the outside.

ARROWMasterful Coaching offers leadership transition workshops for leaders at all levels that increase leadership agility, accelerates business results, and reduce enterprise risk.


The time between job entry and break even can be greatly accelerated with masterful coaching and training.

Our leadership transition coaching and workshops are proven to help leaders get up to speed much more rapidly, lead to much faster business results, and diminish enterprise risk. *

Robert helped me to link my leadership transition to immediate business goals, priorities, and initiatives. -Richard Severence, President, ConocoPhilips

We will coach you to:

describe the imageDevelop first 100 day strategies, skills, and awareness

describe the imageProduce a 100 Day Action Plan

describe the imageArticulate your vision and start building an 'A' team

describe the imageBegin to attack 'A' level priorities 

describe the imageFocus on scoring early wins that can build credibility and momentum

describe the imageCOMPANY TRANSITIONS

We accomplished in three months what might normally have taken us six months to a year.  -Tom Kaiser, President, Zurich Insurance

Many CEOs envision strategic change, but get stuck in the discouraging complexity of the situation with growing concern that it is going to take forever.

Our Accelerating Strategic Change Process helps leaders to create faster strategic alignment and execution within a 100 days or less.

We can work with you on merger integration, partnering for innovation or operational improvements, or improving customer experience. *

Unique Features

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We provide seven critical success strategies for leading any major change

describe the imageWe help you build a strategic change acceleration team that works with your management

describe the imageWe help you identify sticking points to making your strategic change fly, and remove them

describe the imageWe help you design one or more first 100 day catalytic breakthrough projects

describe the imageCORE PROGRAMS

First 100 Days CEO (Executive) Acceleration Coaching
Robert Hargrove coaches new CEOs to accurately analyzing their business situation and creating a transition strategy to match. CEOs are coached balancing “outside leadership” with the board, Wall Street, customers and “inside leadership” with the executive team, far-flung business units, and culture.*

First 100 Days Leadership Acceleration Workshop
This workshop is designed for executives, VPs and Directors in transition. It provides Leadership Transition Awareness appropriate to the person’s level, as well as ten critical success strategies. Participants learn to analyze their biggest leadership and business challenges, and come up with a 100 Day Action Plan.*

First 100 Day Middle Line Manager Workshop
This workshop is designed to give middle managers help in transition, whether they are hired from the outside, promoted from within, or facing a lateral move or a foreign assignment. The program helps managers get to the break-even point faster, where they are adding value in a new role versus consuming the organization’s financial resources. *


Accelerating Strategic Change Workshop for Executives
Strategic change can be accelerated by creating a dual management structure. One is a small strategic acceleration team tasked every 100 days with assessing the business, industry, and environment, and responding with more creativity, agility, and speed than a normal hierarchy. The second is to makes sure the strategic acceleration team works in a complementary way to the normal management structure. (See strategic alignment and execution model).*

Strategic Planning in Action Workshop
This program is designed for leaders and their teams in their first 100 days, or next 100 days. It’s based on the premise that realizing a vision and attacking ‘A’ level priorities starts with an honest assessment of where you are at as an organization. The program accelerates strategic alignment and execution.*

Emerging Leaders Acceleration Workshop
This workshop is designed for emerging leaders who have the potential to make a quantum leap in their careers in the next few years. It’s based on Robert Hargrove’s Seven Levels of Leadership, and the skills and capabilities that need to be developed for each level. People receive 360 feedback on where they are now on the continuum, and what’s needed to take the next step.*

Initiative Acceleration Workshop
This workshop is for (new) leaders and cohort teams tasked with adding power and velocity to an important organizational initiative. Typical examples include: merger integration, supply chain improvement, partnering for innovation, and better customer experience. Participants identify the initiative’s biggest “sticking points” and spearhead a breakthrough through a 100 day project.*

Sincerely, Robert Hargrove, founder, Masterful Coaching

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