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Your first 100 days book

Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job: Powerful First Steps on the Path to Greatness

 Robert Hargrove

I wrote the book Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job: Powerful First Steps On The Path to Greatness, after having coached dozens of executives through this important transition period.

What I discovered is that executives, whether in business or government, who are highly successful in their new assignments seem to all get started in the same groove (or pattern) in their first 100 days.

I have written this book to help you find this groove, which is marked by a series of ten steps.

As Daniel Vasella, Chairman of Novartis has said, "The clock is ticking from day one in your first 100 days. Show the board you're going to make a difference or get your exit plan ready."

I just finished reading "Your First 100 Days in a New Executive Job," and I wanted to thank you for your coaching. It felt as though you were talking to me - one on one.  It is probably the best business book I have read in my career. I have had breakthrough ideas which have driven concrete business results, but I want to now have a more lasting, far-reaching impact on an organization. Thank you for the inspiration. I am eager and ready to create my 100-day plan.  -Kindest regards, Margaret Lapkin



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Preface: How This Book is Different

Introduction: You Are in Charge, Now What?

  1. Prepare Yourself for the Finish Line Before You Start

  2. Get Clear With Your Boss on Your Going-In Mandate

  3. Build an Impossible Future and Deliver on Your Day Job

  4. Drafting Your First 100 Day Plan — Things You Will Absolutely Do Starting Day One

  5. Deal With the Immediate Crisis — Doing the Right Thing

  6. Start Building a Team of ‘A’ Players — Get the Right People on the Bus

  7. Map the Political Chessboard — It’s All Politics!

  8. Launch Some Catalytic Breakthrough Projects — Go For Results Now!

  9. Balance the Transformational and Transactional — You Are Your Calendar

  10. Track Accomplishments of First 100 Days — How Am I Doing?

* * * * *

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